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Polishing sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can have lots of other problems too, dullness, dryness and clogged pores can be especially problematic. If you have sensitive skin you will no doubt shy away from scrubs, peels and deep cleansing methods and make your beauty selections very carefully. Paradis Botanical products have been formulated with you in mind, cleansing and replenishing  the skin with a gentle touch. Fleurs Cleanser is a concentrated deep pore cleanser with a coconut and moringa seed extract base containing sensitive skin loving essential oils of rose flower, ylang ylang flowers and lavender flowers. This is a gently foaming cleanser which is super concentrated so only use when mixed with water or hydrosol. You may only need to use it once...

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The first Snowdrop

I held the blue airmail envelope in my hand for a moment, and felt happy. I recognized the familiar writing of my mother on the special stationary she bought just to write to me. A letter from home, so comforting. As I opened it out dropped a little pressed flower, a snowdrop from England. So perfect, a little white bell with green tips. As I took out the letter I saw that carefully wrapped in a tiny bit of tissue were two more snowdrops. "The first snowdrops, your Dad picked them this morning".  In an instant I could see under the big yew tree where he had first noticed them poking out of the snow and picked the tiny jewels....

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