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Paradis..the path to natural beauty

Transform the simple pleasure of taking care of your skin into a sensual, aromatic  experience with exquisite, pure botanicals. Nature has provided us with a glorious palette, an abundance of ingredients from all over the world. Rare essences and exotic  oils are blended to provide a truly therapeutic and pleasurable aromatic experience. The pure joy of everyday care using our silky light serums, lotions and oils from Paradis leave the skin soft with a blissful natural scent.

Paradis Botanical products are especially kind to the skin with gentle ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory and nourishing. Exotic flowers, nuts, butters, essential oils and botanicals are mainly sourced from organic farming and are chemical free. Products are blended not only to have desirable effects on the skin but with the skill of a perfumer so they are a pleasure to use with their natural exquisite aromas.

As you browse through Paradis you will find many products to delight you and to give as a perfect luxurious gift to someone special. Nature has many secrets to share, come and experience Paradis, your natural path to beauty.


Meet the founder of Paradis, Susan Perry

Paradis is where a lifelong passion for nature, love of botanicals and professional experience in skincare come together.

Susan grew up in the English countryside near the Welsh border where a reverence for nature was intrinsic. As a child gathering wildflowers, knowing where to find the first snowdrop in spring, where the violets hid under the hedgerows, she delighted in taking tiny posies home to here mother who treasured the sweet gifts. Gardening was central to country life, where everything was home grown and organic. It was where the love affair with nature began.

Susan trained as an aesthetician, physiatrist and aromatherapist in London. She later moved to the California Bay Area where in San Francisco she had a skin care practice for sixteen years with a cosmetic surgeon. Listening to the needs of patients, she discovered most expressed a deep desire for natural, soothing products without chemicals and harsh ingredients.

Susan also shared the desire for natural beauty products. At home in her garden in Napa she grew an abundance of flowers and herbs, gathered roses, chamomile and lavender to make her own hydrosols while researching formulations, recipes and preparing to launch her dream of having her own botanical skin product line.

The philosophy behind Paradis is to provide luxurious, botanical products with ingredients that benefit the skin while being calming and anti-inflammatory, that are silky in texture and blended with the sensitivity of a master perfumer, balanced, aromatic and a delight to the senses. Paradis Botanicals are designed as everyday luxuries to be used in your beauty regimen every day from head to toe. Enjoy Paradis as you journey on your path to natural beauty.